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Deborah Lipstadt

ūüďļ On April 7th of 2017, American jewess Deborah Lipstadt gave a 15-minute TED-x Talk in Oxford regarding her courtroom battle against British historian David Irving. It is demonstrated that many of her claims are false in this video discussing it.

Irene Zisblatt and The Last Days Of The Big Lie

Recently a tweet about Irene Zisblatt (Wikipedia) resulted in our first ever twitter timeout censure. The tweet was factually correct, and was not targeted harassment at anyone. This is the story of how and why that tweet came about, and a response to the anti free-speech truth-hating cowards who...

Thies Christophersen

Auschwitz - An Unbiased Eyewitness Report (1979)

Some highlights and notes from the book and about it.

Auschwitz - An Unbiased Eyewitness Report (1979) by Thies Christophersen


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Censored History

These are some selected highlights from the 1983 book Censored History by Eric D. Butler.

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No sane person would claim that the dev of a Christian Civilization in Western Europe "just happened" by chance. That Civilization, now in an advanced state of disintegration, only grew because Christians combined in numerous ways to c...

Russia & The Jews - 200 Years Together

Highlights from The Barnes Review

  • Read/download the book this blog is based on: 200 Years Together by A I Solzhenitsyn (2002)

This blog post is composed mainly of highlights and extracts from The Barnes Review's September 2008 special-edition Russia & The Jews - available here - which reviewed A ...