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📘🕎Jewish International Conference On Suppression Of Traffic In Girls And Women (1910) by Jewish Association For The Protection Of Girls And Women

"Buenos Ayres report. At the end of 1909 there were in that city 199 Licensed Brothels, and of these, 102 or o...

📘Apotheosis of the Jew - From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937) by Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

📘Judaized Scots - Jacobite Jews And The Development Of Cabalistic Freemasonry

Very interesting paper to read indeed...

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Henry VIII "Architectural Vandalism"

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"he urged the Scots to undertake reforms w...

Henry Ford never apologized

"Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith (February 27, 1898 – April 15, 1976) was an American clergyman, politician and organizer known for his populist and far-right demagoguery."

Apartheid South Africa

Image and caption from ATTACK! tabloid issue No. 8, 1971:

From the same issue, an article on South Africa.