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Truth and Certainty

by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty, Ph.D.

We have a knowledge of reality. Reality is presented to us by our senses through the medium of percepts and our intellect fashions concepts or ideas which are representations of reality in an abstract and universal manner. But mere percepts and concepts do not as yet constitute knowledge; they...

 An Overview of Natural Law Theory

by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty

Natural law theory is one of the most important theories in the philosophy of Classical Realism. It is also widely misunderstood by many who have either not taken the time to study it or have heard of it and dismissed it as a "medieval" relic. What I want to do here is merely sketch ou...

History of Philosophy Timeline

by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty

The following timeline was created and designed by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty to help students get a comprehensive picture of the history of philosophy and, in the case of ancient and medieval philosophy, its relationship to other major events occurring during the same time period.

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A Theory of Public Nonsense

 by Jonathan Dolhenty, Ph.D.

An analysis of nonsense in areas as broad as social behavior, political policy, and science can be complex and intimidating. Since this is so, it seems both necessary and relevant to have some sort of conceptual framework we can use to help us as we plow our way through a sometimes compli...

Have We Lost Our Common Sense?

by Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty, Ph. D

The world is in a desperate state of affairs. Social institutions - the family, schools, and churches - are falling apart. Society is breaking up into warring factions. Truth has become irrelevant and unfounded rumors and opinions take precedence over facts and knowledge. There are...