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David Icke's "The Peoples' Voice" TV Station and Sean Adl-Tabbatai

Adl-Tabbatai (like the ADL and Sabbatai Zevi is probably just a cohencidence!)

Some snippets and notes and research.


The People's Voice By David Icke 3 JUNE 2014

TPV was created to give a platform to suppressed information that the mainstream media ignores or ridicules...

Adolf Hitler on Propaganda

Extracts from Mein Kampf:

A brilliant understanding and explanation of propaganda and its use by Adolf Hitler. Reminds one especially of the bullshit by George Bush, Dick Cheney, PNAC etc in the run up to The Iraq War. Was Mein Kampf their training manual?

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"Propaganda must not investigate the truth obj...

Kristin B. Thompson, Jason A. Wright

The Best Kept Secrets

A History of What has been going on behind the scenes for more than 100 years (2017)

Some notes and highlights.


"This research is hereby placed in the public domain. It is hoped that free & easy access to t...