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Richard Werner Slides

Revisiting. A brilliant lecture, explains money, credit, banking, finance, economics, the real reasons behind banking crises, the issue of TBTF banks, community banking, central banking measures, how to avoid inflation, what really moves the economy, solutions etc.

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Mainstream, conventional economics in one sl...

The Guernsey Monetary Experiment

In the 19th century the British island of Guernsey carried out an experiment in creating and distributing its own local currency to support local projects without going to the usurious banking system for funding. This is the story in a collection of short books and pamphlets about it and an audio recording.

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Kinghorn-Jones, J. Alfred

Blot out crime, proverty, prostitution, war : why and how (1914)

Some notes and highlights from the book.

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"Every honest, kindly person, with reasoning power, who will throw aside all prejudice and early teachings, so far as possible, an...

Ferdinand Lundberg

America's 60 Families (1937)

Some highlights and notes from the book, extensive references at the end.

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This was written about the USA in 1937.
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6000 people top the US #usurocracy in 1937 with Rockefeller on top.
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"Without minimizing the significance o...

Jeffrey Mark

The Modern Idolatry (1934)

An analysis of usury & the pathology of debt

This is an overview and highlights from the book - download The Modern Idolatry

Cover Page:

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Table of Contents:

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The preface is much longer than these extracts, really well-written.
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"He has been impelled to do this, be-cause so ma...