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Jewish Dental Fillings

"In 1833 ✡️Englishmen, Edward Crawcour and his nephew Moses Crawcour brought amalgam to the United States, and in 1844 it was reported that fifty percent of all dental restorations placed in upstate New York consisted of Amalgam*

"all Crawcour's worldwide are related via one main progenitor Samuel Crawcour b1748 d 1816...

📘Virus Mania

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"All the most important newspapers and magazine have displayed
attractive computerized, colorful images of HIV that all originate from laboratory cell cultures, but never from even a single AIDS patient."

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The Monkey Holocaust

Kristin B. Thompson, Jason A. Wright

The Best Kept Secrets

A History of What has been going on behind the scenes for more than 100 years (2017)

Some notes and highlights.


"This research is hereby placed in the public domain. It is hoped that free & easy access to t...