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Download podcasts.opml and import the OPML file into your podcast app and listen to what we're listening to.

  • Our Interesting Times - A podcast presenting an alternative look at the world past and present by Tim Kelly. Usually published twice a week.
  • Good Vibrations - A podcast show by DJ Mark Devlin showing the occult side of popular culture and a range of other topics.
  • What On Earth Is Happening - Learn to understand occult knowledge with Mark Passio which is the key to understanding our condition of human slavery, a new podcast published every Sunday.
  • The Realist Report - Provides news and radio shows on controversial topics.




Interesting Social Media Accounts

Some accounts which are very helpful guideposts in connecting dots in order to build a coherent, truthful understanding of the world..

  • derorcurrency - high quality research of the occult layers underpinning modern society
  • professorwerner - best-selling author and economist that explains the modern financial system and banking in a scientific manner like no other
  • blackbird9 - intrepid researcher and regular podcaster detailing various nefarious agendas at play in the world through a long-term historical perspective and commentary on current events through this lens