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Richard Werner Slides

Revisiting. A brilliant lecture, explains money, credit, banking, finance, economics, the real reasons behind banking crises, the issue of TBTF banks, community banking, central banking measures, how to avoid inflation, what really moves the economy, solutions etc.

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Mainstream, conventional economics in one sl...

Some notes on The Balfour Declaration

A few notes surrounding the history of The Balfour Declaration wikipedia.

📗Behind the Balfour Declaration - Britain's Great War Pledge to Rothschild (1988) by Robert John, dedicated to Benjamin H. Freedman

Notes from The Kingdom of Shylock (1917) by Frank Anstey, M.P.

Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity?

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"Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity? Where is the one who in the hour of struggle does not forget all that is...

These are highlights from the book:

📕🐉💰Great Red Dragon, or London Money Power (1890)

by L. B. Woolfolk

Imperialism of Capital has grown until it is now the mightiest power that has ever existed on the earth. In comparison, all other empires sink into compar...

Silver Pumpers

With the price of silver being in the news lately (Reuters: Silver swept up by GameStop retail frenzy, prices soar), it is a good time to revisit history.

Max Keiser: Crash JP Morgan - Buy Silver!

One of the biggest pumps since Silver Thursday by "The Hunt Brothers" in 1980, many goaded into buying silver got burned a decad...