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Misinterpretation VIRUS II - Beginning and End of the Corona Crisis (2020)

Misinterpretation VIRUS II - Beginning and End of the Corona Crisis (2020) by Stefan Lanka

The definition of SARS and Corona or Covid-19 states that atypical pneumonia is considered to be the disease characterizing the disease. If known pathogens can be detected in pneumonia, pneumonia is said to be a typical, if not an atypical one. One of two factors that are decisive for the SARS and the corona crisis is that at least 20–30% of all pneumonia is atypical. The causes of atypical pneumonia are very well known and therefore must NOT be given as the cause of an unknown virus.
This fact is suppressed by infectious diseases and virologists and is the basis of current anxiety generation and panic, because it gives people, the general public and politicians the impression that atypical pneumonia would be particularly dangerous and more often fatal because of the lack of medication or Vaccines for the supposedly novel disease exist.
The number of cases is automatically increased from the time when a test procedure for the allegedly new virus is offered, which, what is concealed by those involved, also tests healthy people "positively". First, people with typical pneumonia are recorded, then more and more people with other diseases. This is considered practical evidence of the spread of the virus. More and more other diseases are automatically added to the original disease "atypical pneumonia" and this "syndrome" is output as "the new virus disease".
The other fact, which is not only decisive for SARS and the corona crisis, is that virologists who claim that they are pathogenic viruses suppress an obvious situation for understandable reasons. The virus test procedure offered is a genetic detection procedure. The gene sequences that they use for the detection test do not isolate them from a virus. They isolate typical gene sequences that are released when tissues and cells die. These generally short gene sequences, components of human metabolism, form the basis for further laboratory work. However, with the help of computer programs, virologists can only construct long strands of genetic material from many short gene sequences using computer programs. These are then issued as real, viral genome strands. That is the reason, So that these virologists do not refute themselves, they consistently disregard two rules prescribed in science. One is to consistently review all claims yourself. The other is to test all assumptions and methods used by means of control tests. If they carried out the control experiments, they would find that ALL of the short gene sequences that they only mentally link to a virus genome stem from human metabolism and not from the outside, from an alleged virus.

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