James Burnham


The Web of Subversion - UNDERGROUND NETWORKS IN THE U. S. GOVERNMENT (1954) by James Burnham

When the Russians ACTUALLY interfered with the workings of the US government over a period of many years. Well documented, thoroughly researched and logically presented. Burnham identifies numerous spy rings, espionage activities and the individuals responsible for this activity. His research is based on public testimony and other publicly available sources. This work is the opposite of how the so-called "McCarthy Era" is usually presented. All facts regarding espionage in the US government are usually downplayed by referencing Senator McCarthy, who has been denigrated to such an extent that the mere use of his name is enough to scare away otherwise objective readers. Contrary to this mythology, the research in Burnham's book has little or nothing to do with McCarthy. Much of this research also has been confirmed by the 1995 release of the long-suppressed Venona Papers. The same ideological side that has for so long ignored or denigrated the type of claims that Burnham documents is the side that now seeks to create the myth of collusion between President Trump and the Russians. This is why Burnham's book takes on new relevance. It is important to see what actual espionage looks like. It is important for the true agendas of so much of our establishment to be exposed. Works such as Burnham's (if widely known today) would force today's propagandists either to abandon their narratives or to finally allow us to learn what truly happened in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.

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