Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

World Thought Police (1986)

Novosti Press Agency is a front of the KGB used for disinformation. lt was founded in 1961 to replace Cominform (Communist Information Bureau) Working directly under Agitrop and the KGB, Novosti Press Agency is the biggest propaganda and ideological subversion organization of the U.S.S.R.


By Tomas D. Schuman, former press officer of the Soviet embassy in India and a KGB-APN operative, defected to the West in 1970.

I worked for the Devil and he was a bore and mediocrity. Although the methods and goals of Novosti are devilishly evil, its daily routine is so boring that it does not produce outrage. It simply debilitates. For those in the West (and East), whose knowledge of our system is based on spy thrillers, the reality is much less exciting. If the free world wants to survive, it has to mobilize itself to take dominion over this deadly dangerous disease called in APN's newspeak "ideological subversion."

During the last months of my career with Novosti, while contemplating defection, I often tried to assess the volume of evil 1 personally contributed to that done by my organization and my country. Was I really that guilty? Why should I feel guilty at all? My Soviet colleagues did not feel uncomfortable with their share of guilt. Neither did the foreign collaborators of Novosti. Nor the intellectuals and "progressive" Indians receiving our "blood money" in the form of some fraud like the "Jawaharlal Nehru Peace Prize". Then how come, l thought, I single out myself for doing the evil?

Observing the world-wide destruction of human minds caused by my motherland, unresisted and unpunished, and meditating about how easily all that mind-warping could be stopped, I wanted to believe that there, in the West, some people and organizations we call "reactionary circles" know the situation and how to deal with our subversion. They had not done it, for some reason unknown to me at that time. But when needed, I thought, they would stop us, for their own good.

World Thought Police (1986) by Tomas Schuman

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