Washington Merry Go Round (1931)

Washington Merry Go Round (1931) by Unknown

"Washington Merry-Go-Round" was anonymously published in 1931 by Horace Liveright and Co., who also published such diverse books as "The Wasteland" by T.S. Eliot and "The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort, as well as first books by such authors as Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker and other well-known authors. Co-written by Robert S. Allen and Drew Pearson, this book is a collection of scandalous news stories about key figures in politics, flying in the face of the ethics of correspondence at the time. Upon discovery of who the authors of this book and its sequel were, Drew Pearson actually lost his job at "The Baltimore Sun." In 1932, as a result of the successful release of the sequel to this book, More Merry-Go_round, both authors signed on to write the Scripps-Howard syndicated column, "Washington Merry-Go-Round."

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