Calvin Elliott

Usury; A Scriptural, Ethical and Economic View (1902)

Usury; A Scriptural, Ethical and Economic View (1902) by Calvin Elliott


I beg the sincere and thoughtful consideration of this book by all its readers. Please follow the argument in the order in which it is presented. This is the way it developed in my own mind and led me, step by step, irresistibly to its conclusions. Do not read the closing chapters first, but begin with the “Definition.” I believe every candid reader doing this, and having a logical mind, will fully and heartily concur in the condemnation of usury.

I hope these arguments will be fairly treated and justly weighed even by those whose interests seem in conflict. I have simply sought the truth, believing that “the truth shall make you free.” It cannot be that this or any truth is in real conflict with the highest welfare of any man.

If any sincere friends of this truth are grieved that the argument is so crudely and roughly stated, I can only say in excuse, that, so far as I know or can learn from the great librarians I have consulted, this is the first attempt ever made to fully present the anti‐usury argument, and I sincerely hope that others, profiting by my effort, may be able to make it more effective.


Published by The Anti-Usury League, Ohio
Published by The Anti-Usury League, Ohio

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