John Ruskin, 1819-1900

The communism of John Ruskin; or, "Unto this last"; two lectures from "The crown of wild olive"; and selections from "Fors clavigera." (1907)

Unto This Last (1907) by Ruskin, John, 1819-1900

The essay "Unto This Last" profoundly influenced the ideas of Gandhi and labour movements.

From The Introduction

Surely Ruskin needs no introduction to the world. But of Ruskin's social teaching, of his message to society, of his gospel of the life in common, — of this we would say a word — not that he needs this either, but that we need it, — we need it to rightly appreciate and take home his message to our hearts. The production of a true social form has been the supreme task given to the nineteenth century. What is Ruskin's place ; what his message ; what his contribution to the century? Ruskin is first and foremost a Teacher. He has not originated. He is not the originator of a new system, of a new order, even of a new philosophy.

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