Myron C Fagan

This Is the ADL, Mr Hoover (1958)

This Is the ADL, Mr Hoover (1958) by Myron C Fagan

Unhappy Reporting

It is now more than ten years that I have been reporting the war between the Internationalist-Communist Conspiracy and the American people‐ or, rather, I should say the fraction of the American people fighting to save our country.

During those more than ten years I have written millions of words. In all of those words I have endeavoured to be meticulously observant of all the ethics of journalism. At times it was distressingly unhappy reporting. But I never favored old friends who, for their own various reasons, had been rendering aid and comfort to the “Enemy” - I named and unmasked them just as bluntly as I named and unmasked all proven renegades and traitors. Moreover, whether reporting the charlatanry of an FDR, an Eisenhower, an Earl Warren, or the treason of those in Hollywood and on Broadway, I never sought to dodge responsibility by resorting to innuendo or to journalistic trickery. I reported the facts asI found them ‐ called a spade a shovel ‐ without favor and without fear. I named many hundreds of renegades and traitors, most of them in high places, who ordinarily would react with angry libel suits to just a mere insinuation of dishonesty or of untruth. I bluntly charged them with the heinous crime of treason, yet not one ever went into a court of law to challenge the integrity of my reporting.

Pamphlet ends with:

Please, please, Mr. Hoover, don’t you go down in history as the Pontius Pilate of the twentieth century!

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