George W Armstrong

The Zionists (1950)

The Zionists (1950) by George W Armstrong


The first part of this book was published several months ago under the title of "Zionist Wall Street." It was intended only as a preview. These chapters will not be repeated but only supplemented. The Zionists of Wall Street are the financial backers of the Zionists of the world and of the Zionist state of Israel. They are the head and front of the Zionist political organizations. They created the state of Israeli and they brought about two wars for that purpose.

The Zionists are anti-Christ and have been since His crucifixion. They are as much so now as they were then. They are communists. They would crucify our Savior Jesus Christ today if he stood in the way of their schemes.

They attempt to deceive us by assuming Christian names, e.g. Winchell for Lipschitz, and by their so-called "brotherhood" campaign: a rabbi, a protestant preacher, and a Catholic priest working jointly. They proclaim a brotherhood week. They preach tolerance but they practice intolerance.

Their motives are greed and power. They seek to acquire the wealth of the world and to enslave the gentiles. They claim that they are "God's chosen people" and that He promised them that they should rule the world. They are taught this falsehood by their Talmud and their rabbis. They seek to destroy all gentiles and all governments that interfere with their plans. Wars and depressions are necessary to accomplish these purposes and so we have wars and depressions. They always win and the gentiles (goy) always lose.

The Zionist Jews will denounce this booklet as anti-Semitic and me as an intolerant anti-Semite. I am anti-Semitic only to the extent that the Jews are anti-Christ and anti-American. I am no more anti-Semitic than was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who denounced the Zionists as idolaters, liars, thieves, and murderers.

I know their history and understand their purposes. I have tried to tell the truth about them without bias or prejudice, and without fear. They are intolerant and vindictive. I realize that I may be persecuted, but if this booklet is of service to my country, I will cheerfully accept the punishment.

There are a few tolerably good Jews but they are mostly of Sephardic origin, as were Benjamin Disraeli and Woodrow Wilson, and not of the Khazar tribe who are of Mongolian origin, as are the Rothschilds. It is estimated that 85% of the American Jews are of Khazar or Ashkenazi origin and that only 15% of all Jews are of Sephardic origin, which is about the percentage of good Jews.

The purposes of this book are two-fold:

(1) to bring about the trial and conviction of the traitors who have involved us in four depressions and two wars, and to thereby restore our solvency;

(2) the repeal of section one of the 14th and 15th amendments to our National Constitution and the limitation of the 16th, and to thereby preserve constitutional government.

I intend to devote my fortune, which I hope may be a considerable one, to the accomplishment of these purposes.

George W. Armstrong
April 29, 1950.

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