Frank Spurgeon Morrow


Ph.D dissertation
The University of Texas at Austin
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THE U.S. POWER STRUCTURE AND THE MASS MEDIA (1984) by Frank Spurgeon Morrow

Notes excerpted from Chapter 1, pages 1-2

"This dissertation is an attempt to lay a foundation for research into social science, particularly regarding the mass media. I will try to describe the American power structure and to ascertain the place and role of the mass media within it. It is a very difficult task for many reasons. First, complete information is not easy to find. Secrecy is a very important part of the maintenance of power and control. Second, social scientists generally do not seem desirous of studying the subject. Third, the super-rich and powerful do not wish that the American people discover how the system is run. And, fourth, the subject is very complex, requiring vast interdisciplinary knowledge.

There are two other reasons for writing on this subject. Assuming that the information contained herein is disseminated more widely, it can serve to open the eyes of the American people as to how their economic and political system really works and the role the mass media play in this. Next, it is hoped that by pointing out the availability of public access channels of the cable television systems in this country, people might be able to confront the power of the Establishment media monopoly and communicate more directly with each other, thereby democratizing the media to some extent and effecting some degree of deligitimation of the traditional media in the process."

  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - Overview and Statement of the Problem
  • Chapter 2 - The U.S. Power Structure -- Methods of Control
  • Chapter 3 - The U.S. Mass Media -- Concentration and Legal Control
  • Chapter 4 - The Content of Mass Media -- Elements for Bias
  • Chapter 5 - Access to the Mass Media -- An Alternative to the Establishment
  • Media
  • Chapter 6 - Interpretations
  • Chapter 7 - Conclusion
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography

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