Eric D. Butler

The Truth About The Australian League Of Rights (1985)

The Truth About The Australian League Of Rights (1985) by Eric D. Butler

From Chapter One

On November 1, 1984, Dr Ken Cog fill, Parliamentary Secretary of the Victorian Labor Party Cabinet, launched an attack on what he described as "Australia's most subversive political organisation," The Australian League of Rights. This was an extension of a previous parliamentary attack, made on April 5 of the same year. Dr. Cog fill claimed that since his first attack "even more damning evidence of the League's role in subverting Australia's national security has now come to light. During the second World War the leadership of the League was in concert with Australia's enemies in Germany and Japan. Eric Butler's role in undermining Australia's war effort is confirmed in two sets of documents. ' '

As the first League of Rights was formed in 1946, in South Australia, it is elementary that the League could not have been engaged in undermining the nation's security during the Second World War. Dr. Cog fill was not, of course, concerned with historical accuracy, but was using parliamentary privilege to engage
in character assassination for political purposes. When the media ' rang me to ask for my comments on Dr. Coghill's charge that l had
in some way been collaborating with the Germans and Japanese during the Second World War, I suggested that Dr Cog fill might care to repeat his allegations outside parliament. He never did.

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