Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Synagogue of Satan (2006)

The Synagogue of Satan (2006) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

This book has been re-published with the permission of the author Andrew Carrington Hitchcock who invites you to contact him at or go to his website where you can find out more and also listen to his radio show, which in May 2019 passed over 1000 episodes: which is part of the Euro Folk Radio network.

The website for the latest version of the book is: where and updated, expanded and uncensored version - continuing from where this version ends in 2006 - is available for purchase.

Andrew is also a pastor and his Ministry of Yahweh website is: He is also on twitter @achitchcock (NOTE: Andrew only posts mainly mainstream-media news and articles on twitter and doesn't interact publicly with other users.)

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