C. M. Churchward

The Rising Tide Of Communism (1943)

The Rising Tide Of Communism (1943) by C. M. Churchward

Though I am sometimes charged, and sometimes credited, with being a Communist, I make no such pretensions concerning myself. I am not a member of the Communist Party, neither am I wholeheartedly in sympathy with communism, either as to its teachings or as to its practices. This however, let me add; that if 1 were a communist, there would be no need for suspicious whisperings, and no call for solemn investigations; for I should be no more ashamed to own myself a communist than I am to own myself a Methodist.

Having made this personal explanation, I will now turn to the subject before us, namely the rising tide of communism. 1 say "tide" deliberately. For, like the tide, communism is well-nigh universal. Like the tide, again, it is, i believe, irresistible. Like the tide, again, it is fraught with immense possibilities. Whether it is destined, like the tide, to fall, as well as to rise, only the future can reveal. At present, how- ever, it is rising, and rising fast.

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