Elizabeth Dilling

The Red Betrayal of The Churches (1938)

The Red Betrayal of The Churches (1938) by Elizabeth Dilling

Just as Judas by acting as one of the beloved disciples of Jesus Christ, living with Him, eating out of the same dish with Him, with a kiss was able to betray Him to the soldiers to be crucified, as no stranger could have done, so, through the ages, the eternal Judas has worked for the destruction of Christ's church from within. Persecution from without but strengthens real Christian faith. "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church!" The gruesome martyrdom of Christians and the far more deadly atheization of their children at the hands of Satanic Red forces in Mexico, Spain and Russia, could not have taken place without preceding cooperation on the part of Judas-like clergy and laymen who played with, protected and fanned the destroying Red fire. The faith of our children, and adults as well, is being destroyed today in schools, colleges and churches, supposedly Christian.

As one sincere Jesuit said to me, "The schools of Mexico could never have been atheized as they have been in a Catholic country like that if part of the hierarchy had not sold out to the Red government for the sake of political or other advantages." The Communists are now proudly featuring such "Catholic" priests as Luis Sarasola who uphold the Spanish Communists in betrayal of their faith.

The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism (see pag 109, "The Red Network") says: "for many, Modernism is but a stopover on the road to Atheism. Perhaps we should have a little more patience with these our weaker brothers who are unable to go straight from Orthodoxy to Atheism without resting at the camps of Liberalism. Modernism being no abiding place for a reasoning mind some of them will yet arrive. For the present we should train our guns principally on such religious standpatters as the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant hotbeds of Fundamentalism."

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