Austin J. App

The Ravishing Of Women Of Conquered Europe (1946)

The Ravishing Of Women Of Conquered Europe (1946) by Austin J. App

Ravishing The Women of Conquered EuropeThe Big Three Liberators at Work Having a Wonderful Time Raping and Debouching the Women of Germany, Austria, and Hungary, 'Re-educating' Them to Become Good Christians! 

Austin J. App, Ph. D,  May 1946 

About The Author

One of the titanic figures of postwar revisionist historiography, Professor Austin J. App, died of kidney failure on 4 May 1984. A well-established author and scholar of English literature at the outbreak of World War II, Dr. App was soon appalled at the human suffering and political disaster caused by that "unnecessary conflict," and for the next four decades he was in the very forefront of those courageous scholars who, often in the face of severe academic and press hostility, sought to determine the historical truth about the war, and to publicize that truth far and wide.

-- The Institute for Historical Review

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