A K Chesterton

The Menace of the Money Power (1946)

An Analysis of World Government by Finance

The Menace of the Money Power (1946) by A K Chesterton


THE final deductions in this treatise, and in particular the relating of the Final Act of Bretton Woods to the financial policy which led to the foundation and perversion of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, are the author’s own, for which he must not fasten any responsibility upon his authorities. Those readers, however, who wish to check the facts from which the deductions are made may be recommended to the following works : “All These Things” and “The Truths About The Slump,” by A. N. Field; “The Bankers’ Conspiracy” and “A Fraudulent Standard,” by Arthur Kitson ; “Analysis of Usury” and “The Modern Idolatory,” by Jeffrey Mark ; “The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganisation of Society,” by Father Denis Fahey ; “The Money Illusion,” by Professor Irving Fisher; “The Two Nations” and ”The Breakdown of Money,” by Christopher Hollis; ”Post-War Monetary Stabilisation,” by Professor Gustav Cassel; “America Conquers Britain,” by Ludwell Denny; “The Brief for the Prosecution,” by Major C. H. Douglas; and the volume is of Hansard covering the debate on the Loan Agreement. Another book, “The Economics of Human Happiness,” by W. Collin Brooks, although it draws none of the conclusions here set down, and indeed draws some which are at variance with them, is never‐the-less well worth reading because of the wonderful lucidity with which its author deals with perversions of the monetary system.

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