L. Fry

The Law of Liberty (1963)

The Law of Liberty (1963) by L. Fry

From the Foreword

The modest little fictional work: THE LAW OF LIBERTY being herewith presented to the public owes its title to the words of the Epistle of St.James the Apostle; it lays no claim to literary talent; it simply indicates the path followed by a mind searching a satisfactory and equitable answer to the ever recurring question: WHAT IS A JEW?

Written over twenty years ago, before America had entered the WORLD WAR, the initial purpose of the work had been a film script, later, it had been laid aside together with many other works, mainly legends and Christian stories written for children. However, the basis for the LAW OF LIBERTY had been laid in 1918 at the time of the public apparition of a document entitled: THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION which had been mentioned in Washington before a Congressional Committee called the OVERMAN COMMITTEE making an inquiry on Bolshevism which, in 1917, had given Communism the possibility of seizing power in Russia and overthrowing the Russian Empire. The document thus called is the most glaring and daring example ever given of a plan devised and formulated by human minds to pursue and obtain complete world domination. It is not authored by just one man but appears to have been written and uttered by an entity of teachers, presumably advanced psychologists, conscious of people' characteristic frailties and endeavoring to show the various means whereby whole nations might be brought under the government of' one despotic and tyrannical rule.

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