Martin Luther

The Jews and Their Lies (1543)

The Jews and Their Lies (1543) by Martin Luther


In preparing to read this book you are about to view some of the most sensational and thought-arresting language ever to be put in print.

The publishers of this treatise by Dr. Martin Luther, the pioneer of Protestantism, do not necessarily present this work as an accurate expression of their opinion. The chief reason for its publication is to give the reader an accurate translation of Luther's treatment of one of the most delicate and dangerous subjects for a public man to discuss-the Jews.

This translation is not presented as a sectarian work or a partisan treatise. When we set out to find the book in its original language and when we proceeded to have it translated, we were shocked and amazed at the interference we encountered from a wide variety of sources. Two different translators were made the victims of intimidation, and only after a rather dramatic experience were we able to complete its translation in spite of its brevity. Jn effecting the translation of this work we became increasingly convinced that a well organized plot to keep this book hidden exists.

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