Marie Theodor Ratisbonne

The Jewish Question (1868)

The Jewish Question (1868) by Marie Theodor Ratisbonne


Maria Théodore Ratisbonne (1802 – 1884) was an important Catholic author, priest and missionary of Jewish provenience. In 1826, he was baptised and during his life was highly appreciated by the Catholic Church.

  1. The Jewish Question (1868) is a suggested solution to the problem of the Jewish identity. During the 19th century, the definition of Jewish identity was influenced by various trends and perceptions.

  2. From a wider perspective, Ratisbonne’s answer here should be compared with other works of the period on the subject, including Karl Marx’s “Zur Judenfrage”.

  3. Ratisbonne’s thesis is the necessary conversion of Jews to Catholicism, in view of what he considers the decadent Jewish currents, which did not provide a viable solution to the Jewish problem. The conversion suggested by Ratisbonne is also the inevitable outcome of the ideas and prophesies of the Gospel.

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