George Sacks

The Intelligent Mans Guide To Jew Baiting (1935)

The Intelligent Mans Guide To Jew Baiting (1935) by George Sacks

I MAKE NO APOLOGY for adding another book to the long list which the study of anti- Semitism has inspired. For one thing, the greater part of what has been written forms no real contribution to the subject and, for another, I hold that the relations between Jews and non-Jews are an acid test of the stability of political institutions. Anti-Semitism is not just a quaint aberration of the human intellect. It has its roots in social structure, and an examination of its peculiarities sheds a great deal of light on the pathology of modern society. To relegate the whole affair to the intellectual dust-heap of semi-mysticism and to explain it on grounds of instinctive prejudice is to stultify one’s self

There is no problem in race relationship which cannot yield to rational observation and scientific consideration.

If, after a dispassionate survey, the conclusion is reached that Jew and Gentile are inherently incapable of resolving their differences—that, in other words, there are ingrained characteristics in one or both of the contestants that make it impossible for them to live together in peace—then race suicide for the Jews, as the smaller group, becomes logically the only way of escape from a hostile world.

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