George Washington Armstrong

The Crime of (19)20 - The Unpardonable Sin of Frenzied Finance (1922)

The Crime of 1920 - The Unpardonable Sin of Frenzied Finance (1922) by George Washington Armstrong

I dedicate this volume to Richard H. Edmonds of Baltimore, Maryland, proprietor and editor of the Manufacturers Record, the Exponent of America. If we recover our freedom from the rule of the Money Lords; if money is made the servant of indpstry instead of its master; if the business of the country is permitted to function normally and free of bureaucratic and selfish control; if we are permitted to reap the full reward of our labor and sacrifice, the victory will be due largely to his vision, courage, incorruptibility, and sturdy Americanism. Blessings be to him, his kindred and his kind. George W. Armstrong. 

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