Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career (1888)

The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career (1888) by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis


WE expect that the Jews will try to boycott “The American Jew,” using the same peculiar tactics as in the case of “The Original Mr. Jacobs,” They will appoint committees to visit book-dealers, urging them not to handle the book; they will buy up and destroy all copies found exposed for sale; they will bribe, threaten, plead, and try in every possible way to interfere with its sale; they will circulate reports that the book has been “called in,” and will spread many other lies,‐lies that the Jew knows so well how to disseminate.

But all their efforts toward stopping the sale of “The Original Mr. Jacobs ” have been unavailing, for in less than three months this book has achieved a wide-spread circulation. It is, at the present writing, in its twentieth edition, and its sale does not show” any sign of abatement.

We have been requested by many prominent men in literary, financial, and commercial circles, to establish a monthly publication, to be called “ The Anti-Semite.” We have been assured of ample support in this venture. There is certainly enough of patriotism among the masses of the American people to maintain such a publication; and there is, unquestionably, a wide-spread desire to check the diabolical methods of the Jews,‐ these parasites of the human race.

The periodical we propose to establish, will give a faithful account of the deceits, crimes, and fraudulent transactions of the Jew, in all channels of business. It will be published monthly, at one dollar per year. Efficient correspondents through‐ out the United States will watch the Jew, and will keep us informed of all his deeds, or rather, misdeeds, which will be fearlessly recorded in “The Anti-Semite.”

Efforts will not be spared in urging the passage of laws that will afford some protection to the commercial community, and to society in general, from the Jew. Every businessman should support “The Anti-Semite;” for this publication will expose dishonesty, and watch over the interests of ' the business community.

Intended subscribers will please remit their subscription to “The Minerva Publishing Company, 10 West 23d Street, New-York City,” for which a receipt will be duly forwarded. Arrangements are now being made to have the first number appear as soon as possible.

10 West 28d Street, New-York City.

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