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Halford J. Mackinder

The Geographical Pivot Of History (1904)

The Geographical Pivot Of History (1904) by Halford J. Mackinder

"The Geographical Pivot of History" is an article submitted by Halford John Mackinder in 1904 to the Royal Geographical Society that advances his heartland theory.[1][2][3] In this article, Mackinder extended the scope of geopolitical analysis to encompass the entire globe.


Smedley Butler

War is a Racket (1935)

War is a Racket (1935) by Smedley Butler

Classic anti-war pamphlet by a retired U.S. major general who reveals the truth about war from his own experiences and observations fighting around the world, and expose American Corporate Imperialism. Butler said, “I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during tha...

George Seldes

Iron Blood And Profits: An Exposure Of The World-Wide Munitions Racket (1934)

Iron Blood And Profits: An Exposure Of The World-Wide Munitions Racket (1934) by George Seldes

Chapter One

For giving aid or, comfort to the enemy in time of war the penalty is death. Both civilians and soldiers share this punishment. If an American or a British or a French soldier in No Man’s Land had ever been caught giving a rifle or a gr...

Guiles Davenport

Zaharoff: High Priest of War (1934)

Zaharoff: High Priest of War (1934) by Guiles Davenport


REVERSING the conventions, Sir Basil Zaharoff is already a legend. Ordinarily mortals must die to achieve the aureole and usually they are a long time dead before the fact and fancy have merged sufficiently to form a foolproof legend: yet Zaharoff, with all modesty and dignity, a...

Frederick Franklin Schrader

1683-1920: The Fourteen Points and What Became of Them (1920)

1683-1920: The Fourteen Points and What Became of Them (1920) by Frederick Franklin Schrader

With the ending of the war many books will be released dealing with various questions and phases of the great struggle, some of them perhaps impartial, but the majority written to make propaganda for foreign nations with a view to rendering us dissatisfi...