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A. K. Chesterton

Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary (1935)

Creed of a Fascist Revolutionary (1935) by A. K. Chesterton

A.K. Chesterton's classic booklet on British Fascism. Originally published in 1935

The people of Britain are not adepts in the use of anger.

That is why our politicians sleep so peacefully at nights, and why no nocturnal terrors hover around the pillows of our Press magnates, or dis...

Raymond Rudman

England Under the Heel of the Jew (1918)

England Under the Heel of the Jew (1918) by Raymond Rudman


  • The Jews' gospel of greed‐Usury, the means of enslaving others: success the only criterion.
  • Jews the parents of the Stock Exchange
  • The Jew is the international; but the tribe is solid in spite of dispersion.
  • Lines of communication within the tribe give prior informatio...

Erich Schwarzburg

How Jewry turned England into a Plutocratic State (1940)

How Jewry turned England into a Plutocratic State (1940) by Erich Schwarzburg

The Jew uses the lie as his most effective weapon to attain his goal and to conquer the world. Truth is his worst enemy. "World-Service" has taken upon itself the task of enlightening all non-Jewish peoples and of revealing to them Jewry's sinister intentions and its c...

Arthur Kitson

The Trade Slump (1921)

The Trade Slump (1921) by Arthur Kitson

THE present trade slump is not an entirely surprising or unexpected event to certain people. It had been predicted by two or three writers and economists, and particularly by certain financiers more than a year ago, when business was booming, and when there seemed a long period of prosperity before us.


Oswald Mosley

Fascism: One Hundred Questions Asked and Answered (1936)

Fascism: One Hundred Questions Asked and Answered (1936) by Oswald Mosley

After World War Two, ‘fascist’ became the F word of political debate to be applied liberally against anyone who left-wing polemicists disliked. But what did it really mean and what did its British supporters really stand for? In this pre-War book written in convenient Ques...