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S. P. Melgunov & Terri Fabre

Red Terror In Russia 1918-1923 (1924)

Red Terror In Russia 1918-1923 (1924) by S. P. Melgunov

Public domain English translation by Terri Fabre, September 2014.

Translator’s Preface

The works of S. Melgunov are not a popular reading matter, not now, not in Europe and North America. They are not nearly so well known as the works of A. Solzhenitsyn such as “Gulag Arch...

S Melgunoff

The Record of The Red Terror (1927)

The Record of The Red Terror (1927) by S Melgunoff

An early article by a prominent Russian Historian, editor of The Voice of the Past, author of The Red Terror in Russia, writes of the horror of The Red Terror of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution of Russia.

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