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Ernest Elmhurst

What is a Jew-Baiter? (1938)

What is a Jew-Baiter? (1938) by Ernest Elmhurst

The other day I got a letter from a Congressman. It was not the Congressman in my home district. It was not a letter asking me to vote for him. Emphatically it was not a letter soliciting me to contribute to his campaign expenses. It was a different kind of a letter entirely. In fact, this Congres...

Elijah Ministry

The Cipherers of Sephar (2003)

The Cipherers of Sephar (2003) by Elijah Ministry

An investigation of Sephardim and Ashkenazim Jewish historical origins.

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Vladimir Jabotinsky

The Jewish War Front (1940)

The Jewish War Front (1940) by Vladimir Jabotinsky

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Vladimir Jabotinsky

This is Betar (1948)

This is Betar (1948) by Vladimir Jabotinsky

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Max Green

The Jewish Question and the Key to Its Solution (1908)

The Jewish Question and the Key to Its Solution (1908) by Max Green


That a second edition of this work is called for within six months of its first issue, is a matter of deep gratification to the writer. The kind and warm appreciation with which the volume has been received both here and abroad, encourages him in...