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Arthur Bryant

Unfinished Victory (1940)

Unfinished Victory (1940) by Arthur Bryant

If you want to understand why Germans had no love for Jews and why Hitler was an incredible leader, read “Unfinished Victory.” Best first hand account, almost a blow by blow description, of how Jews screwed the Germans, started WWII, and how Hitler through sheer determination put Germans back on their f...

Friedrich Karl Wiebe

Germany and the Jewish Problem (1940)

Germany and the Jewish Problem (1940) by Friedrich Karl Wiebe

Published on behalf of the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Problem, Berlin.

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Joseph Goebbels

Communism With the Mask Off (1935)

Communism With the Mask Off (1935) by Joseph Goebbels

Two dramatic speeches, made by the German Minister of Propaganda, at the famous Nuremberg rallies of 1935 and 1936, which sum up the National Socialist interpretation of Communism and its threat to the world.

In Communism with the Mask Off (1935), Goebbels describes in detail the Jewish ori...

Berthold Singer

Occupation of The Ruhr (1923)

Occupation of The Ruhr (1923) by Berthold Singer

From the Introduction

The torrent of literature that has swept the earth as a result of the war must also be considered one of the atrocities which followed in the wake of the catastrophe. Large and small books describing the actual fighting in its various aspects, volumes upon volumes attemptin...

Adolf Ehrt

Communism in Germany - The Truth about the Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the National Revolution (1933)

Communism in Germany - The Truth about the Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the National Revolution (1933) by Adolf Ehrt

Contrary to post-war propaganda, it was not the Nazis who terrorized Germany prior to 1933, but the far Left. This book, based on original police case files from the time, shows how the far Left and their socialist party all...