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Best of Merchant Media Redpills (2019)

Best of Merchant Media Redpills (2019) by ReadKaczynski

hey kings, finally put the "best of merchant media redpills" folder together, 130+ articles, redpills from the horse's mouth

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Walter Spearman

Understanding The News (1941)

Understanding The News (1941) by Walter Spearman


There are some who say : "You can't believe what you see in the papers." There are others who say: "It's so, because I saw it in print."

But the intelligent individual neither believes everything he reads nor automatically discounts what he does read. He tries to understand the news,...

Edith Efron

The News Twisters (1971)

A highly-critical first-hand exploration of how the mainstream news media industry operates.

The News Twisters (1971) by Edith Efron

Text from the book cover and inside-jacket

This powerfully documented analysis explodes the myth of network neutrality in reporting the news. It
demonstrates that coverage of the Presidential campaign of 196...

Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953

Free Press : An Essay on the Manipulation of News and Opinion, and How to Counter It (1918)

Free Press : An Essay on the Manipulation of News and Opinion, and How to Counter It (1918) by Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953

A critique and analysis of the modern Media from a coherent, Catholic perspective. Belloc critiques the evil influence of a Media that manipulates, controls, and suppresses news and opinion; and he offers a relevant apologia...