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Muammar Qaddafi

The Green Book (1976)

The Solution of the Problem of
"The Authority of the People"

The Solution of the
Economic Problem

The Social Basis
of the Third Universal Theory

The Green Book (1976) by Muammar Qaddafi

The thinker Muammar Qaddafi does not present his thought for simple amusement or pleasure. Nor is it for those who regard ideas as...

George Sacks

The Intelligent Mans Guide To Jew Baiting (1935)

The Intelligent Mans Guide To Jew Baiting (1935) by George Sacks

I MAKE NO APOLOGY for adding another book to the long list which the study of anti- Semitism has inspired. For one thing, the greater part of what has been written forms no real contribution to the subject and, for another, I hold that the relations between Jews and non-Jews are an...

James Strachey Barnes & Benito Mussolini (Introduction)

Universal Aspects of Fascism (1928)

Universal Aspects of Fascism (1928) by James Strachey Barnes & Benito Mussolini

Preface by His Excellency Benito Mussolini begins:


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