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Communist Party of India

Foreign capital in 'free' India (1950)

Foreign capital in 'free' India (1950) by Communist Party of India

Remarkably detailed analysis of how India's Independence was anything but, with economic facts and figures showing how for all the bluster of Nehru, that it was firmly in the hands of foreign capitalists, the USA and Great Britain duelling for control and supremacy of the newly c...

Union of Democratic Control

Crisis in Japan (1950)

Crisis in Japan (1950) by Union of Democratic Control

A history of how Japan's "Meiji Restoration" transformed the economy and results of policy in the early Post-WW2 years.

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Coughlin Charles Edward

Money! Questions and Answers (1936)

Money! Questions and Answers (1936) by Coughlin Charles Edward

From the Preface

This book is written for the ordinary American citizen. Therefore many needlessly abstract and intricate questions dealing with political economy, banking, and money are pur-posely omitted.

Unlike many writers on money, the author is in nowise identified with tha...

Ezra Pound

America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War (1994)

America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War (1994) by Ezra Pound

Selected Quotes

The historical process has been understood at various times, but this understanding on the part of a diligent minority fighting for the public good is again and again thrust down beneath the surface. In 1878 my grandfather said the same things that I’m...