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Max Knepper

Sodom and Gomorrah: The Story of Hollywood (1935)

Sodom and Gomorrah: The Story of Hollywood (1935) by Max Knepper


Ever since I have been living at the backdoor of Hollywood, which has been nineteen years. people have been writing to ask why I don't write a book dealing with the motion picture industry. after the fashion of the "Brass Check" with the newspapers, and the "Goose-Step" w...


Best of Merchant Media Redpills (2019)

Best of Merchant Media Redpills (2019) by ReadKaczynski

hey kings, finally put the "best of merchant media redpills" folder together, 130+ articles, redpills from the horse's mouth

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Frank Spurgeon Morrow


Ph.D dissertation
The University of Texas at Austin
Contact Information: [email protected]

THE U.S. POWER STRUCTURE AND THE MASS MEDIA (1984) by Frank Spurgeon Morrow

Notes excerpted from Chapter 1, pages 1-2

"This dissertation is an attempt to lay a foundation for research into social science, particularly regarding the mass media. I will t...

Sheldon Emry

A Christian Guide to Mass-Media Mythology (1988)

A Christian Guide to Mass-Media Mythology (1988) by Sheldon Emry

Featuring the cartoon ideas of Pastor Sheldon Emry & Ben Williams
Cartoons drawn and compiled by Paul Bunch

Today, it is Christians who are unable to 'discern the signs of the times' and are therefore quite ignorant of America's peril.

Much of this inability of American Chri...

Walter Spearman

Understanding The News (1941)

Understanding The News (1941) by Walter Spearman


There are some who say : "You can't believe what you see in the papers." There are others who say: "It's so, because I saw it in print."

But the intelligent individual neither believes everything he reads nor automatically discounts what he does read. He tries to understand the news,...