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Union of Democratic Control

Crisis in Japan (1950)

Crisis in Japan (1950) by Union of Democratic Control

A history of how Japan's "Meiji Restoration" transformed the economy and results of policy in the early Post-WW2 years.

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Delphine Slotten

Why did Jacob H. Schiff decide to financially sponsor the Russian Revolutions of 1917? (2010)

Why did Jacob H. Schiff decide to financially sponsor the Russian Revolutions of 1917? (2010) by Delphine Slotten


In March 1917, it became “known” in the United States that the Jewish-American banker Jacob Henry Schiff had substantially funded Russia’s revolution and the overthrow of its tsarist régime. Schiff had allegedly done so t...

National Labour Press

China Looted (1937)

China Looted (1937) by National Labour Press


HER coal supply is twenty limes that of Great Britain. her iron resources cannot be measured she produces in abundance silk, cotton, bean oil, lumber, wool, jute, skins, furs, rice and eggs. Her industrial areas provide the world's cheapest labour supply and her 450 millions the greatest u...

Hubert Schiffer

The Rosary of Hiroshima (1953)

The Rosary of Hiroshima (1953) by Hubert Schiffer

Testimony of Father Hubert Schiffer, the miraculous survivor of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan at the end of World War Two.

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John T. Flynn

The Truth About Pearl Harbour (1945)

An expose of the Roosevelt administration on how they actively provoked the Japanese before Pearl Harbour. John T. Flynn was the first to advance the Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracy theory.

The Truth About Pearl Harbour (1945) by John T. Flynn

Author's Foreword

This is an attempt to examine the evidence bearing on the Japanese at...