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Louis Nizer

What to Do With Germany (1944)

Horrifying, hate-filled, Jewish-authored book advocating genocide of the German (Amalek) people.

What to Do With Germany (1944) by Louis Nizer


"Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war", wrote John Milton.

The great tragedy of the twentieth century is that peace has suffered defeats even after wars have been won...

Johannes Kaps

The Tragedy of Silesia 1945-1946

 A Special Survey Of The Archdiocese Of Breslau (1953)

Translated by Gladys H. Hartinger.

The Tragedy of Silesia 1945-1946: A Special Survey Of The Archdiocese Of Breslau (1953) by Johannes Kaps


We, the Catholic Bishops of Germany, feel we can no longer keep silent on the subject of the terrible fate which has befallen more than ten million people in the German eastern territories, ‐...

Louis Marschalko

The World Conquerors (1958)

The World Conquerors (1958) by Louis Marschalko

From the Introduction

The Second World War was said to have been waged for "the rights of small nations," but the author, like countless other Hungarians, is literally "on the run from Communism." He has been living in exile since 1945 because of his anti-communist views. Although he was never a...

Henry H. Klein

A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy (1946)

A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy (1946) by Henry H. Klein

Sanhedrin Produced World Destruction

Now that the worst world war is over, it is well to know who caused it and why. For that reason I have written this article. - Henry H. Klein

Two thousand years ago, Jesus tried to save Jewish civilization. He advocated the law of God...

Eric D. Butler

Dialectics - Communist Instrument for World Conquest (1980)

Dialectics - Communist Instrument for World Conquest (1980) by Eric D. Butler

The old saying that truth is stranger than fiction is strikingly confirmed by a study of the dynamic strategy and tactics by which the Communists have made giant strides towards their ultimate objective of complete world conquest. And yet, in spite of the disastrous re...