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Samuel Solomon Cohon, 1888-1959

Jewish Reference Book: B'nai B'rith Manual (1926)

Jewish Reference Book: B'nai B'rith Manual (1926) by Samuel Solomon Cohon, 1888-1959


Permit me to extend my hearty good wishes to the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith and to wish it all success in continuing its work, in strengthening the ties between man and man and endeavoring...

Jacob Katz

Jews and Freemasons in Europe 1723-1939 (1970)

Jews and Freemasons in Europe 1723-1939 (1970) by Jacob Katz

From the Preface

The theme of this book-the relation between Jews and Freemasons-has been the subject of countless books written, mainly in German and French, by propagandists of anti-Jewish or anti-Masonic leanings or by apologists in counterargument. Historians, however, have pai...

Count Cherep-Spriridovich

The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand": The Unrevealed in History (1925)

The Secret World Government or "The Hidden Hand": The Unrevealed in History (1925) by Count Cherep-Spriridovich

This book is mostly about Jews; it is not against the Jews. These painstaking researches have been made in order to rewrite history "with conscience;" as Lamartine urged, as Washington Irving admonished. The results are presented tO th...

Dieter Schwarz


 Ideology Organization and Policy (1944)

Freemasonry (1944) by Schwarz Dieter - Cover

Foreword to the 6th printing

Among the spiritual forces secretly working in the camp of Germany’s enemies and their allies in this war, as in the last, stands Freemasonry, the danger of whose activities has been repeatedly stressed by the Fuehrer in his speeches.

The pr...

Nesta Helen Webster

Socialist Network (1926)

Socialist Network (1926) by Nesta Helen Webster

  1. The object of this book is not to provide a history of Socialism, but merely an account of the Socialist organizations of modern times. It gives accounts of persons connected with, or giving rise to, concrete societies or groups. Contents: origins of modern Socialism; Marxian Socialism, prewar pe...