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Andrew Kalpaschnikoff

A Prisoner of Trotsky's (1920)

A Prisoner of Trotsky's (1920) by Andrew Kalpaschnikoff

 From the Foreword

I HAVE been asked by the author and by the publishers also to write a foreword for Colonel Kalpaschnikoff's book A Prisoner of Trotsky's" and as I am familiar with the occurrences resulting in his arrest and five months' imprisonment, have consented to do so.


An English Woman

From A Russian Diary - 1917-1920 (1921)

From A Russian Diary - 1917-1920 (1921) by An English Woman

From the Foreword

WHEN the revolution broke out in Russia I was living in a provincial town, which since the war had become of considerable importance.

For some time before February 1917 the news- papers had been daily scanned with ever-increasing anxiety. Not only did it daily beco...

Father Denis Fahey

The Rulers of Russia (1940)

The Rulers of Russia (1940) by Father Denis Fahey


"For them (the peoples of the Soviet Union) We cherish the warmest paternal affection. We are well aware that not a few of them groan beneath the yoke imposed on them by men who in very large part are strangers to the real interests of the country. We rec...

Robert Wilton

Russia's Agony (1919)

Russia's Agony (1919) by Robert Wilton


This book is a living record of personal experience of Russia among the Russians dating back nearly half a century. I claim no merit for it other than sincerity and freedom from race or party bias. I have no interest to serve except my British birthright, which is perhaps dearer to me bceaus...

Daniel, W

Russia: 1918; Bolshevism in practice (1919)

Russia: 1918; Bolshevism in practice (1919) by Daniel, W


THE publication of this series of notes on the events in Russia during the first year of the Bolshevik regime should prove of advantage all round in helping the general public to understand, from the point of view of the details of daily life, what is happening in Russia to-day....