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Johan Jorgen Holst

Civilian-Based Defense in a New Era (1990)

Civilian-Based Defense in a New Era (1990) by Johan Jorgen Holst

CIVILIAN-BASED DEFENSE is an alternative policy which uses nonmilitary forms of struggle, either as a supplement to military means, or as a full alternative to them to deter and defend a society against attacks...

The term "civilian-based defense" indicates defense by civilians (...

Gene Sharp & Bruce Jenkins

Civilian-Based Defense - A Post-Military Weapons System (1990)

Civilian-Based Defense - A Post-Military Weapons System (1990) by Gene Sharp & Bruce Jenkins


CIVILIAN-BASED DEFENSE is intended to be a substantive introduction to the developing policy of civilian-based defense. Instead of military weaponry, civilian-based defense applies the power of society itself to deter and defend against interna...