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Comrades in Arms! Britain and the U.S.S.R (1943)

Comrades in Arms! Britain and the U.S.S.R (1943)

Propaganda pamphlet with many photographs, describing about how how Britain and the USA are aiding and supplying the USSR in order to defeat the Axis Powers.

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Cornelius Carl Veith

Citadels of Chaos (1949)

Citadels of Chaos (1949) by Cornelius Carl Veith


How would you like to be in the dry goods business when the length of a yard would be subject to constant change, containing thirty inches one day and forty inches the next day?

How would you like to be in the grocery business when the weight of a pound would vary from time to tim...

Robert Neumann

Zaharoff the Armaments King (1938)

Zaharoff the Armaments King (1938) by Robert Neumann

"Zaharoff the Armaments King" was first published in England in 1935 and a new impression followed in 1936. Robert Neumann has, for Readers' Union edition (1938), brought his Zaharoff "legend" up to date and revised various parts of the text. To Readers' Union edition has been added a portrait...

W.H. Williams

Who’s Who in Arms (1935)

Who’s Who in Arms (1935) by W.H. Williams


The allegations made against the British arms manufacturers at the United States Senate Arms Enquiry have resulted in a widespread feeling of uneasiness in this country. Nor have the replies to the charges been convincing enough to dispel this disquiet.

The appointment by the British Governm...

The Duke of Bedford

The Neglected Issue: Some Essays On The Need for Monetary Reform (1944)

The Neglected Issue: Some Essays on The Need for Monetary Reform (1944) by The Duke of Bedford


Have you ever heard the expression, "barking up the wrong tree" and do you know what it means? It appears to be of American origin and was originally associated with the chase of the raccoon. The raccoon is a nocturnal animal which, when purs...