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C. M. Churchward

The Rising Tide Of Communism (1943)

The Rising Tide Of Communism (1943) by C. M. Churchward

Though I am sometimes charged, and sometimes credited, with being a Communist, I make no such pretensions concerning myself. I am not a member of the Communist Party, neither am I wholeheartedly in sympathy with communism, either as to its teachings or as to its practices. This however, let...

Eric D. Butler

The Truth About The Australian League Of Rights (1985)

The Truth About The Australian League Of Rights (1985) by Eric D. Butler

From Chapter One

On November 1, 1984, Dr Ken Cog fill, Parliamentary Secretary of the Victorian Labor Party Cabinet, launched an attack on what he described as "Australia's most subversive political organisation," The Australian League of Rights. This was an extension of...

J. T. Lang

Communism In Australia (1944)

Communism In Australia (1944) by J. T. Lang

I believe that the time has arrived for a complete exposure of the Communist Party. Here is the evidence. It is essentially a factual account of how the Communist Party is undermining the Australian nation. It explains how it is controlled. Its General Staff. Its penetration of the unions. Its sinister...

Frank Anstey

The Kingdom of Shylock

The War Loan and The War Tax (1917)

The Kingdom of Shylock (1917) by Frank Anstey

Quote from Werner Sombart - The Jews and Modern Capitalism

Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity? Where is the one who in the hour of struggle does not forget all that is bestial in her cities and remember only all that is beautiful in the things left undefiled?

About The Author

Eric D. Butler

The Labour-Socialist Road to Serfdom (1949)


The Labour-Socialist Road to Serfdom (1949) by Eric D. Butler

From The Introduction

This booklet is designed to outline briefly the manner in which the Australian Labor Party—it is really a Labour-Socialist Party— in its attempt to attain its socialisation objective, has consistently brought forward legisla...