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Karl Marx

A World Without Jews (1959)

A World Without Jews (1959) by Karl Marx

A World Without Jews by Karl Marx speaks about religious prejudice specifically against Jews. It begs to question can the world survive without this prejudice and how Jews beg for political emancipation? Karl Marx (1818-1883) is best known not as a philosopher but as a revolutionary communist, whose works...

Marie Theodor Ratisbonne

The Jewish Question (1868)

The Jewish Question (1868) by Marie Theodor Ratisbonne


Maria Théodore Ratisbonne (1802 – 1884) was an important Catholic author, priest and missionary of Jewish provenience. In 1826, he was baptised and during his life was highly appreciated by the Catholic Church.

  1. The Jewish Question (1868) is a suggested solution to the pr...

Karl Marx, 1818-1883

On the Jewish Question (1844)

On the Jewish Question (1844) by Marx, Karl, 1818-1883

This essay, originally published in 1844 as Zur Judenfrage, must be one of Karl Marx's most ignored and suppressed works. Marx, himself of Jewish descent, while answering an essay by fellow Hegelist philosopher Bruno Bauer on the topic of the emancipation of Jews in Prussia, raged polemically...

Bernard Lazare

Antisemitism; Its History and Causes (1903)

Antisemitism; Its History and Causes (1903) by Bernard Lazare


PORTIONS of this book, which at various times appeared in the newspapers and periodicals, received the honour of being noticed and discussed. This has induced me to write the few lines that follow.

It has been my intention to write neither an apology nor a diatribe, but an...