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The Mirrors of 1932 (1931)

The Mirrors of 1932 (1931)

A commentary and look at several important public figures in early Depression-era America.

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Myron C Fagan

This Is the ADL, Mr Hoover (1958)

This Is the ADL, Mr Hoover (1958) by Myron C Fagan

Unhappy Reporting

It is now more than ten years that I have been reporting the war between the Internationalist-Communist Conspiracy and the American people‐ or, rather, I should say the fraction of the American people fighting to save our country.

During those more than ten years I have wri...

John T. Flynn

Militarism - The New Slavery for America (1955)

Militarism - The New Slavery for America (1955) by John T. Flynn

The story that follows is an expansion of a broadcast made by John T. Flynn over the facilities of the Mutual Broadcasting System on June 5, 1955.

The people of the United States are now confronted by a movement to introduce into this country the project of Universal Military T...

Joseph Peter Kamp

The Fifth Column in the South (1940)

A pamphlet warning of an anti-American, anti-God fifth column operating in "The South" which threatens to bring economic ruin, moral bankruptcy, and the time-honored Southern Tradition.

The Fifth Column in the South (1940) by Joseph Peter Kamp


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Walter White

Who Brought the Slaves to America? (1968)

Slavery & The Jews

Who Brought the Slaves to America? (1968) by Walter White


The subject herein is a condensation of reference material not available to the lay public. In fact, the history about "the Jews and slavery" has been cleverly and cunningly suppressed these many years inasmuch as it has been an the Jews' 'planning board' f...