Emanuel M. Josephson

Rockefeller Internationalist the Man Who Misrules the World (1952)

A highly-important and detailed look at The Rockefeller Empire and dynasty at its peak, showing how its tentacles permeated all areas of American life and influenced the international policies of the US Government.

Rockefeller Internationalist the Man Who Misrules the World (1952) by Emanuel M. Josephson

The book offers evidence that Josephson states on the cover "...make it clear that Rockefeller's Institute of Pacific Relations controlled the spy ring that instigated the attack on Pearl Harbor, and that they knew in advance, to the very day, when it would occur and involve us in the war." (p. 281)

The book details a long-list of facts, many of which have subsequently been verfied independently by researchers in the decades following the original publication. It is well-referenced and an essential resource for study into the historical power structure and oligarchy of the USA.

EMANUEL M. JOSEPHSON was born in Baltimore, Md., September 23, 1895. Educated at Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University. B.S. 1916, M.D. 1917. In 1921-22 he was Assistant to the Medical Director of the American Red Cross in Europe. Since then he has engaged in medical research, in the practice of medicine, and in writing on medicine, politics and economics. He has been fearless in his exposure of sham and corruption in those fields.

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