R. H. Tawney

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism - A Historical Study (1922)

Religion and the Rise of Capitalism (1922) by R. H. Tawney

Originally published in 1922. From The Holland Memorial Lectures.


THE friends of the late Henry Scott Holland founded a lectureship in his memory, the Deed of Foundation laying it down that a course of lectures, to be called the Holland Memorial Lectures, are to be delivered triennially, having for their subject the religion of the incarnation in its bearing on the social and economic life of man The first course of these lectures was delivered by Mr, R. H, Tawney at Kings College, London, in March and April 1922, but it is only now,more than three years later, that the work of preparing them for publication has been completed, andthat I have been called upon, as the chairman of the Holland Trustees, to introduce our first series of lectures to the public. They are a historical study of the religion of the Reformation in its bearing on socialand economic thought. We have been for many years feeling our want of such a study, sufficiently documented and grounded upon an adequate knowledge of the literature of the period, as we have watched the modern battle between zealous medievalists impugning the Reformation as deeply responsible for the sins of modern industrialism, and no less zealous Protestants rebutting the charge or throwing it back.

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