United States Army

Pocket Guide To Germany (1944)

Pocket Guide To Germany (1944) by United States Army

Post-war victors' propaganda guide for the occupying U.S. forces in conquered Germany. This is a cleaned-up version of the document at https://archive.org/details/PocketGuideToGermany1944 with the following changes: it is converted to monochrome black and white, pages are straightened and cropped, newly OCR'd.

"Whether you fight your way in, or march in to occupy Germany under armistice terms, you will be doing a soldier's job on the soil of the enemy. The occupation of Germany will give you your chance to build up a personal guarantee that as soon as you turn your back to go home, the German will not pick up his shooting irons and start throwing lead and lies at an unsuspecting world once more. One of the greatest challenges of the Peace to come is to make certain that the German people will take their place as law-abiding, useful citizens in the family of nations." Digitized by Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University http://digitalcollections.smu.edu/all/

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